Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Forbes on Blogs

I saw the most recent issue of Forbes magazine today. They have a ridiculous--I mean head-in-the-sand laugh-out-loud--article about blogs (it's pay, sorry).

Basically the argument was:
1. The number of blogs is growing exponentially;
2. Some blogs are used to attack businesses;
3. Blogs are bad.

Apparently some bloggers who, for instance, install Lotus Notes by day got pissed off at some analyst that (rightfully) trashed Notes and used their blogs to rally support behind a campaign of extreme nuisance against said analyst. Obviously this is not the sort of activity that the medium was designed for but these people are in the vast vast minority--a distinction the article paid only very bried lip service to.

Forbes offers such ridiculous suggestions as companies paying bloggers to pump their company in any attempt to pre-empt negative bloggage. Seriously. No wonder Fortune kicks ass.


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