Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Right-wing Echo Chamber

When I start to feel too confident about Tory chances in the next election or forget why I never joined the Reform Party I turn to one website:

The amount of vitriol and naked hatred expressed on the various forums of that site are truly unequalled. Before I get into further details I should note that there are a number of intelligent, tolerant posters and results of many forum polls indicate that there is a quieter more moderate faction of visitors--definitely a minority though.

First some general impressions:
1. The term "red Tory" to many fd posters means "communist spy in the Conservative Party". I kid you not--many of these people are still fighting the Cold War in their minds and the sneer when they so much as type the word "red" is palpable even through an online message board.

2. Almost without exception these people love those childish nicknames for their political enemies. You know: Fiberals, LIEberals, Libranos (or alternately with a "$"), etc. Frankly, I have a strict policy of ignoring any argument that resorts to such churlishness.

3. Victimisation and inferiority complexes flow like water on a flooded Alberta farm field (sorry bad choice of metaphor). If, like me, you thought that the existence of western separatists had the same logical support as the existence of the Easter bunny take a look at these forums (well, more for the existence than the logical support). A large number of the site;s visitors strongly feel that the western provinces would be better off on their own.

4. A curious contradiction: Jounalists and pundits who speculate about a hidden so-con CPC agenda are bigots; politicians from Ontario and eastwards are, by nature, corrupt.

Now some specific examples (I'm not sure how permanent these addresses so my apologies if links fail):

1. Racism: Some guy named Lenny says:
I think Morgantaler and his kind should go live in the third world. He could be busy 24/7 with abortions over there, where they truly need it.

Morgantaler would be doing them a favour...
2. Sexuality Intolerance: A couple of weeks ago a thread entitled "I'm a Homophobe" appeared and lasted for quite some time. This thread essentially comprised of people discussing both why they don't want to have any contact with homosexuals and why this isn't in fact a fear (phobia) but rather simple intolerance.

Now a thread called "Happy Pride" is drawing attention from the more reactionary posters. A snippet from ABC:
And the freak show continues. These are supposed to be well-balanced and mentally stable. Yeah, sure.
3. Anti-Quebec sentiment: in a thread called "One Nation, One Language" a poster named brianwalsh (a particularly offensive creature, btw) said:
Yes, english should be the official language of Canada.

Quebec should be allowed to do what they want and Ottawa has to deal with Quebec in French when needed.

I rarely can tolerate more than ten minutes worth of reading the dreck that spews from these forums without feeling sick. I am quite disappointed that choses to feature a box that links to recent topics on their frontpage. Just another reason not to join that particular blogroll.


Blogger Toronto Tory said...

I concede several of your points.

Sometimes it's hard to resist throwing the occasional Fiberal out there when members of the "progressive bloggers" are Using terms like "Goose-Stepper" and "Nazis" all over their website, in reference to us.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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3:51 AM  
Blogger none said...

I'm ABC™, I guess you don't like Christians. Oh well, that's your perogative. Allow me to dislike homosexual parades which are vulgar to say the least.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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12:33 PM  

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