Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Longest Yard

Saw the newest Adam Sandler movie last night. I admit that going in I wasn't expecting much. Maybe just the usual sacchrine sports movie mixed with some of Sandler's usual bathroom humour. Unfortunately this movie was totally, unabashedly horrible.

The Longest Yard had a headstart with me because I have become, for the most part, desensitized to the usual failings of the amateur sports genre. I spent many rainy summer days of childhood at the cottage watching such classics as The Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield, Little Giants, and The Mighty Ducks. (What was it about the early nineties that made these movies so popular?) I'm also a fan of the more adult-oriented sports movies like Rudy, Bull Durham, Tin Cup, and Field of Dreams. That all being said I simply hated The Longest Yard.

It managed to fail on all possible counts. It got the football part wrong. For instance, you'd think that with Michael Irving--a celebrated NFL receiver--starring in the movie he might have mentioned that so long as a play starts before the clock runs out it gets to be completed. The self-effacing humour (e.g. Burt Reynolds as the grizzled coach who ends up putting himself in for that big play) falls flat. Worst of all, Sandler more often plays the dopey, downtrodden chords of his repertoire (like we saw from him in Spanglish) than the over-the-top funny we got in The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, or Big Daddy.

I hope that Michael Irving and Chris Berman both are razzing for their wooden performances as much as possible by their broadcast colleagues once football season starts.


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Ahh... I didn't see this before Batman yesterday.

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