Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We have no bananas

I should say this now so that it doesn't totally sound like sour grapes later. Now that a Martin win on Thursday has gone from possible to plausible we should see why the confidence question last week was extremely important. Imagine our reaction if this were to happen in a republic (thank God and HM that we aren't one of those) that actually does grow bananas. The opposition wins a vote that they consider a confidence vote. The government disagrees. Experts are, at best, divided. The government stalls for ten days. In the interim a member of the opposition party is appointed to the government and the balance is swung. Amnesty International and Kofi Annan would be calling for a "multi-nation intervention force."

This is precisely why it was constitutionally necessary for the PM to call a vote of confidence last Wednesday. I was blog-surfing in a bit of a haze today so I apologise to whomever posted the inspiration for this point. See blogroll at right.

UPDATE: Ben's right it was his quote of Cosh that got me thinking about this.


Blogger W.C. Varones said...

Don't ask Kofi Annan to solve anything!

12:01 AM  
Blogger The Tiger said...

Various people had it -- Colby Cosh, Jay Currie -- you might have seen it on mine, as I linked to theirs. But it's a common point. (And a sad one.)

10:41 AM  

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