Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stephen Harper's Leadership

After his party's defeat on the budget vote of a week ago the calls for Stephen Harper to step down have been coming from many unexpected corners.

I considered writing a full-length post on why I think Harper should stick around for another election but in the interim this excellent post showed up at Tilting At Windmills--a superb blog, by the way--that pretty much encapsulates what I was going to say. In summary: now is definitely not the time to switch horses, Harper may not be ideal but he is better than any other option and keeping him is much better than the internal division a leadership fight would cause.

Update: An excellent article on what Harper should do between now and an election (hat tip: Daifallah). I would add that Harper should not only act prime-ministerial but the important MPs around him should start acting more ministerial. For instance Monte Solberg (now finance critic and a leading contender to take on that ministry should the CPC win) should start talking about the Tories' fiscal plans as if he is already the Minister of Finance. Also, Harper should consider spending a significant portion of the summer living, with his family, in either southern Ontario or Quebec. The delayed election date means that a majority victory is not impossible (for either party) and to accomplish this a personal connection with some of the areas where improvement is needed can't hurt.


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