Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Grewals

In past I've shied away from blogging about breaking events--often because I usually don't watch enough tv to know about anything while it's still "breaking"--and I don't want to get too excited about this because the story definitely has two sides...But Gurmant Grewal is alleging that he was offered consideration in the form of appointments for him and/or his wife if he would change his vote or abstain tomorrow.

It's clear from the tape that the deal Tim Murphy was proposing to Grewal was: if you abstain on Thursday we'll talk turkey after that. No outright "go to hell, the Prime Minister wouldn't sully this country by making those sort of deals," no "act on your principles," no "this meeting is over."

Grewal's name has been in the media this week because of a leak from Volpe (or someone with access to information that they shouldn't have) that Grewal and another Tory MP are being investigated over two separate immigration issues. Now, obviously this accusation muddies the waters significantly. On one hand if it's legitimate it gives Grewal a motive for entrapping the Liberals. Look at the allegation though and compare it to the admittedly shaky ones made against Judy Sgro. Clearly, Grewal is closer to innocent than Sgro was. On the other hand if negotiations with Grewal were breaking down Volpe has a motive to sully his name and leak the information to the press.

The big problem is that at the end of the portion that Mike Duffy played Tim Murphy says that he'll talk to Volpe. Implying, I think at least, that the immigration complaint would have been taken care of. So, either the allegation is frivolous and appropriately dismissed by the minister who originated it (and therefore shouldn't have been made it in the first place) or the PM's chief of staff is offering to make a serious problem "go away."

If nothing else, Ujjal Dosanjh, confirmed that it really doesn't take much for the Liberals to take someone seriously when they say "let's make a deal." He didn't say that this sort of patronage was something you don't do for anyone because it's wrong he said it's something you don't do for Gurmant Grewal because he's not a big enough fish. As well, I don't care who started it. I don't care if Gurmant Grewal went fishing. The fact is that a cabinet minister and the PM's chief of staff bit--hook, line, and sinker. I hope I don't come off as exaggerating or emotional but Martin is seriously looking more like Richard Nixon every day. I have literally gone from respecting him while he was finance minister, to wanting to defeat him for political and partisan reasons when he took over the leadership, to now utterly disliking the sound of his name for what he has done to the public institutions of our country.

A couple asides: 1. I really dislike this new Mike Duffy show. Maybe it's something about being hungover but he was a lot more tolerable on Sunday mornings. He seems to be constantly mistreating his panel--he called one by the wrong name tonight and asked her for her opinion only as "a woman from Nova Scotia." 2. RIM really must be laughing all the way to the bank with the free Blackberry press they've been getting from politicos like Duffy and Solberg. Anyone else notice that the message clearly said that Duffy was "BCCed"? I wonder if he realises what that means?


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