Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Belinda Stronach: My Reaction

I had a technical analysis of the polls half-written but I guess fundamentals have changed things drastically.

I admit that I am disappointed and angry at Ms. Stronach because of what her actions have done to the electoral chances of the party to which I am loyal. I hope that I can sufficiently put these emotions aside to produce an objective post on this turn of events.

My first impression at hearing this news was that this seems like an obviously self-interested move. Ms. Stronach says that she has fundamental disagreements with Stephen Harper, fine. So do I sometimes. Her options, as I see them were:

1. Vote in favour of the government last Tuesday (or absent herself)
2. Vote in favour of the government's budget this Thursday.
3. Couple 1 and/or 2 with a public statement of her position.
4. Leave the CPC and sit as an Independent.
5. Leave the CPC and resign her seat.
6. Cross the floor to the Liberals.
7. Cross the floor and accept a cabinet position.

Of those seven options she chose the only one that substantially increases her personal standing in government without giving consideration to principle. I find it extremely galling that she has the nerve to declare, through stage tears, that this was a difficult decision. The cabinet appointment makes it clear that she drove a hard bargain and Martin was forced to accept her on her terms.

I just hope that Bill Davis, Mike Harris, and Brian Mulroney wipe the egg off their faces fast enough to come out soon with leaked statements cutting her loose.

UPDATE: Just as an aside and I know it's pretty superficial but did anyone else notice that while she criticised Harper for not understanding Quebec he was able to answer questions in French while she was not?


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