Monday, April 25, 2005

Star Conservative Candidates

As I have been harping recently, the chances of the CPC meeting and beating expectations rides strongly on the slate of candidates fielded. Last week and over the weekend the growing number of announcements and rumours confirmed that the CPC leadership shares my view. Apparently John Reynolds (CPC campaign chair) has a list of 200 star candidates that in a perfect world he would want to run in the ridings not held by Tory MPs (or vacated by retirements such as his own). I thought I might compile some of the speculation here:

Definite, at least as candidates for nomination:
John Baird
Lawrence Cannon - Pontiac
Jim Flaherty - Whitby Oshawa

Somewhere beween plausible and probable:
Peter Kent - St. Pauls
Russ Courtnall - somewhere in Vancouver
Dennis Furlong - NB
Patrick Lynch - NB
Elsie Wayne - Saint John
Bernard Valcourt - Restigouche
Josee Verner - Quebec City or thereabouts
Frederic Tetu - "
Maxime Bernier - "
Jacques Gourde - "
David Young - Willowdale
Tony Clement - Parry Sound Muskoka
Greg Kerr - NS
Blair Lancaster (Miss Canada winner)
Barry Tuner - Ottawa South

Very unlikey but still rumoured:
Donovan Bailey
Marc Garneau
Ron Maclean
Rick Hansen
Scott McCain

I, admittedly don't have any extraordinary contacts within the CPC so these may be totally off-base or my categorisation of the candidates may be inaccurate. Sources are the April 15 and 19 posts from Heard at Hy's, this G&M story and another that was de-linked from the front page while I was writing this.

Also, I don't necessarily equate recognizability with winnability. Many of these potential candidates (e.g. Peter Kent and Tony Clement) would be facing cabinet miinisters if they ran in the ridings indicated. Some CPC riding associations may choose more involved, local candidates over these stars.

Bottom line though is that it's obvious which way the momentum is going.


Blogger Jason Cherniak said...

I would be impressed if Lewis MacKenzie ran again.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Rhetoric said...

Agreed. The problem is finding a riding he can win. If I recall correctly he was destroyed the last time he tried. Unlike the States (thankfully) we don't have any electoral districts, that I now of at least, that are dominated by the type of people who would vote for someone just because he's a retired general.

P.S. Thanks for the comment!

11:01 AM  

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