Friday, April 22, 2005

A non-spring election by the Calendar

Martin says (roughly): "I'll call an election 30 days after the final report"
Martin hopes we hear: "We're innocent until proven guilty as judged by Gomery."

People seem to at least in part be buying this argument so let's see what it actually means:

Here is the Gomery schedule
. The final report will come 45 days after the interim fact judgment report that supposedly establishes guilt or innonence. Martin then says he'll call an election within 30 days that will last at least 36 days of campaigning. He may call it sooner or the campaign may be longer--I think it pretty much evens out.

So, while Canadians think they're holding off an election until Justice Gomery decides what is true and what isn't we would in fact be waiting for that plus 111 days for the Liberals to distract attention from the supposedly all-important inquiry determination before we got to cast a ballot. That's an approximate date of February 21, 2006 which is exactly ten months from yesterday.

If this were truly a matter of fairness or justice and not political optics and agenda control Martin would have proposed an election date of, say, November 15 which would have given Canadians two weeks to consider how Justice Gomery had sifted the testimony and decide whether or not they agreed with his conclusions.


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