Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Fellow Canucks...

I wanted to get a post out today that has nothing to do with politics, and I'm working on some really good ideas in draft form but what the hell...

Apparently Martin is going to "address the nation" tomorrow night. Its anyone's guess what he's going to say (Paul Wells has two very good ones) but I can't really imagine what gains he intends to make. Either he does more of this "we're going to get to the bottom of this" and "give Gomery the time he needs to report" in which case he'll just be making sure that any Canadian who wasn't already tuned to the daily Gomery broadcasts starts doing so. ("What's that windbag talking about, eh? Why the hell isn't the OC on, eh?") Or he goes for Paul's second guess and calls an election. If just the former this really seems like a bonehead move--he just increases the volatility of the situation by jumping the gun on the campaigning and playing his remaining trump card of moral suasion. If its the latter I hopehe keeps it short so that I won't miss any of the Apprentice.

I suppose the only other totally out of left field option is that he shares the stage (literally) with Chretien who takes full responsibility and falls on his own Sword of Ego. Yeah, uh-huh.

In some ways I hope that Harper isn't accorded time to respond (and not just because that will definitely cut into Apprentice watching) because this is truly the only arena where Martin has him beat. Lengthy prepared speeches with no interplay with the PM going first are not Harper's strong suit and being PM Martin will have the authority of argument in his favour.


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