Friday, April 22, 2005

Martin's Adscam Speech

Well, last night's speeches didn't really tell us anything new. The PM wants an election later, every other leader wants it sooner (well, Jack Layton will be willing to wait if the Liberals are willing to do the impossible).

The Globe has an unusually good behind the scenes article about what was going on on Parliament Hill yesterday. Sort of reminds me of SOMA, which by the way is still going strong--I saw some very young looking kids in suits carrying those blue folders yesterday.

Radwanski and Wells pretty much hit the high points of analysing the televised content. In the short term call it a win for Martin but only barely.

I only have two points to add to what everyone else is saying: 1. It may cost Martin that he has given a more definite date; and 2. If an election happens any time soon Martin is going to need a bucket of Botox.

I see the definite date (or season: winter) being a problem for Martin because now Canadians will be able to visualise what his idea of a campaign will look like: political fights at Christmas dinner, politics getting in the way of hockey season (God willing), and having to vote in a potential blizzard. Before it was just a fuzzy idea that he wanted an election later, after the report, now it's a definite a or b not a or something better.

What I meant by the botox comment is that the PM looked very very tired last night. Reminiscient of Jean Charest at the end of his federal campaign. If the (now only slightly less) inevitable happens and we get a spring election Martin will have to make an appearance turnaround if he wants to be an effective leader on the campaign trail.


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