Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Inaugural Post

Well, this is my inaugural post to this blog--sort of. Admittedly, I started this blogger account nearly a year ago in a futile attempt to get an invitation to join gmail. This time I'm in it for real though.

I hope to use this space for two purposes: As a way of expressing what I'm interested in and thinking about; and to entertain, illucidate, and incite discussion with those who are for whatever reason attracted to read what I write.

Right now, I happen to be interested in Canadian federal politics and I guess it is that interest that has pushed me to finally join the "blogosphere". That being said I will NOT make this another "political wannabe gone berzerk blog". This will also not be one of those current events commentaries that make arcane arguments solely dependent on the assumption that readers are willing to follow half a dozen links to newspaper and magazine sites that require users to register (or even more improbably pay) to read the stories and therefore understand the arguments that the writer wishes to express. Context is important and there are some great writers working their magic on the Internet right now (and I'm sure I"ll link to them, but sparingly) but I realise no one is willing to go to any great lengths to understand what I happen to be thinking on a particular day.

Finally, I'm struggling with the issue of anonymity. On one hand I realise the inherent lack of courage of posting one's opinions namelessly but on the other hand I am sensitive to the tendencies of ad hominen attacks (at least latently) amongst the people I enjoy arguing with. Also, while this journal will not be of a personal nature I'd prefer not to have to consider the effects posting an opinion will have three decades done the road. I'm sure this will be the first of many open questions I raise for myself here.


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