Monday, April 18, 2005

Controlling the Debate

It is pretty clear that the Liberal government will try this week to distract attention from corruption allegations by making important announcements on foreign relations and immigration. Yeah, yeah, I realise that they are in government and that they're supposed to be spending their time (and our money) governing and not just dodging pointed questions in the House, but the insider opinion appears to be pretty unanimously on the side of spin control not genuine governance.

The problem with this strategy is that it ignores what network executives seem to consider their golden rule: never throw your best new show up against the other guy's established gold. There's a reason that it took a long time before anything with the chance of popularity was aired against Friends (and by the looks of it the Kinsella/Boulay double header might be second only to Guite during this political sweeps month) and it's that you run the huge risk of wasting genuine quality for little reward because no one is willing to change the channel.

The schizophrenic pace that the government alters strategy on Adscam smacks of desperation and disorganisation.


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